Affordable Power & Simplicity

Step 1: Add Your Clock

OB2000 Tablet Time Clock with Fingerprint Sensor

Once you have your Citadel time clock and optional accessories like RFID punch
cards and a battery for maximum portability, getting your system up and running
is easy. After establishing your account, Citadel’s setup wizard will walk you
through the 3-step process of creating pay periods, departments, and adding your
first employee. Viola! You’ll be ready to start managing your workforce with
new confidence and ease.


Step 2: Add Your Optional Accessories

RFID Cards affordable timeclocks

RFID Cards

Battery affordable timeclocks


Step 3: Create Your Account With The Activation Code Provided Following Checkout
Citadel’s Setup Wizard Guides You Through The Rest!

Want The Cloud Without A Clock?

Your employees can punch in and out from our website. No timeclocks required. Just access the link below and use the activation code DBBAH to create your monthly plan and start punching.