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We built Citadel’s Cloud Portal for you, and we’re always striving to make it even better.

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Data Storage

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One price plan. Priceless benefits

Your Citadel Time Clock and your Citadel Cloud Portal go hand and hand. Your time clock collects punch data, then sends it to your portal in the cloud. This allows you to manage your employees’ time and attendance with any internet connected device.

A user is defined as any individual who has access to the Citadel time clock, cloud portal or mobile app.
This includes employees, supervisors and administrators. All monthly cloud subscription plans include two active time clocks.
Add $10 per month for each additional time clock over two.

Built With You In Mind

No matter how much something “could” help you, if it’s not easy to use, forget it.
Here are four ways we developed Citadel for you.

Get the Mobile App

The Citadel Mobile App tracks time and attendance for your entire workforce, whenever and wherever. Allow employees
to punch in and out, track breaks, transfer departments and more, right on their smartphones.

The Citadel Mobile App is available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Advanced Protection Against Threats

With advanced firewalls, fortified SSL protection, and extreme account security, Citadel locks down your assets to keep your company’s information secure. Rest easy, you’re safe with us.

Physical Server Security

Our servers are encased in three physical barriers, under 24/7 video surveillance, and monitored by top security professionals.

Fortified SSL Encryption

We adhere to the SSL protocol encryption standard and store the key separately in a secure location.

User Security

Your payment information is stored offsite in a Payment Card Industry Vault, exceeding the Data Security Standard.